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Allow me to introduce our new E-magazine! Click Here for a short pictorial magazine of recent jobs done by Curtis Law Construction.  Please feel free to share it.  Contact us today for a free consultation about the process of building on Kauai.  We work closely with local architects to incorporate the most current codes as well as the latest designs for an optimum result that will stand the test of time.  Or, for those who have their own ideas and are not currently working with an architect, we also provide a design-build option.

OSHA-list of Hawaii’s top violations

Recently I attended the Contractors Association of Kauai’s bi-monthly meetings to see the guest speaker, Diantha Goo HIOSH (Hawaii OSHA) administrators, presentation.  The most important take away from this meeting was that OSHA and more specifically HIOSH will be issuing more citations for violations.  On an ironic side-note, the current federal government sequestration has impaired their ability to travel freely which you can take any way you want.  I guess it’s lucky we live Kauai all over again because they all reside on Oahu.  But she did mention that the top violators based on prior citations, and top violations will be focused on when they do get here for inspections so tidy up!

NOTE:  If you are an owner/builder or do-it-yourself-er/Mr. Fix It you are responsible for adhering to the OSHA standards just like everyone else and are required to provide all PPE and training, documentation, etc. for anyone working on your project.  Just hire a Contractor!!  This is a huge liability for you.  This is part of the benefit of hiring a licensed and insured Contractor.  Think about it.  

The top violations  that enforcers will be looking at are as follows:(this list came directly from The CAK Newsletter for April 2013).

Fall Protection:Lanyards are not attached, Guardrails not in compliance including toeboards, Ladders not secured.

Trenching:sloping, shoring and trench box not in compliance, missing ladders that should be place every 25 feet, competent person inspections

Fork Lift: Certificate of training is not available, seat belt and horn not working or being used. Load capacity is not written on fork lift.

Heavy Equipment:  operator driving too fast or not trained properly, back up alarms not working, seat belts not working or being used, brakes not checked, o reflective vests being used

Cranes:  Operators must be certified.  records and maintenance must be available, proper training for staying away from high voltage, not passing loads over people, loads rigged properly, operator needs to know how to read load chart, swing radius must be barricaded.

Electrical:  Open neutrals, grounding pins, unlabeled circuit breakers, no front panel or open spaces instead of breakers, area around panel blocked, knock out box used as extension cord, broken outer insulations

General:   Guards for saws, hazard communication must have a written program, training for staff/workers, safety glasses must be worn, respirators.


Photovoltaic for Kauai

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, Lihue, Kauai.  Making great strides in renewable energy

In October KIUC announced its new adventure toward the goal of 50% power independency by 2023.   This is a huge investment with cooperation from Grove Farm Co. of Lihue whereby KIUC will be leasing 67 acres of Grove Farms property in Koloa to make it happen.

This new 12 megawatt, $40 Million facility will be able to generate about 6% of Kauai’s daily energy needs.  That doesn’t sound like much to the normal person.  BUT, this is the third project of its kind on Kauai in progress to develop renewable utility scale energy and is one of the largest in the state.  The three projects combined; one in Anahola comprised of 12 megawatts, and the other at Port Allen with its 6 megawatts, when complete, will generate 30 megawatts during the day which is 50% of Kauai’s daytime electrical demand.  That’s HUGE!!   We hit the mark Kauai, and early!

KIUC,  by percentage of solar PV systems to join its system,  will be the largest in the USA!  That is quite impressive for our tiny island and no doubt newsworthy.  Let’s show ‘em how it’s done Kaua’i!

Locals can expect the project to be done and working in our favor by the end of 2014.  Expectations are that the customers’ utility bills will be lower and be more stable.  The creation of local jobs and reducing greenhouse emissions isn’t bad either.

Remember, KIUC is a cooperative which means its members are its owners.  That means You!  If you want to save the world from global warming, or just save some money on your electric bill, you just did it.  And I thank you.

Kitchens and Baths, Renovate vs. Remodel

KITCHENS AND BATHS, Renovate vs. Remodel

In a market where vacant land prices are still relatively high, construction loans are hard to come by and new house start-ups are far and few between, the next, best thing is The Remodel. In particular, the renovation/remodel of kitchens and baths.  No matter what type of principal you are; home owner, condo owner, president of a condo/hotel association, an owner occupant or investor of any of these, the kitchen and bath renovation/remodel may be just what you need.

Renovate: 1. to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair
2. To reinvigorate; refresh; revive

Remodel: 1. to model again
2. to reconstruct; make over

For those on a budget or someone wanting to sell their property, you can do a small kitchen and bath renovation with a few changes that can make a big difference.

For The Bathroom:

  1. Change and update the plumbing fixtures; sinks, faucets, toilets, shower fixtures, toilet accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders, medicine cabinet(s) and the mirror(s)
  2. Resurface or repaint cabinetry
  3. Change cabinetry hardware to something more up to date, add new updated door knob
  4. Paint bath walls, ceiling and door with a new, fresh, neutral  color
  5. Change light fixtures and update cover plates for switches and outlets
  6. Add crown molding or baseboard for a finished look
  7. Change shower curtain or shower door to something new, fresh and clean
  8. Resurface tubs

For The Kitchen:

  1. Change plumbing fixtures, possibly replace the sink.
  2. Resurface or repaint cabinetry and add new hardware and hinges if necessary
  3. Add new appliances; preferably Energy Star and stainless steel
  4. Paint kitchen walls with a new, fresh, neutral color.  Kitchens can also tolerate an accent wall if you want to add creativity and personality.
  5. Add a fan and/or more lighting if needed

A Major kitchen and bath remodel would be the same as above except you’d want to add in NEW cabinetry, NEW countertops, and NEW flooring which bumps up the cost quite a bit.  But, I have to say, hands down, totally worth it!!  Just depends on your budget and what your overall goal is.  Living in a newly remodeled space is so much fun and worth every penny.  Selling a unit that is newly remodeled is almost mandatory in this market.

A minor kitchen and bath renovation will run approx. $5000-$15,000+

A major kitchen and bath remodel will run approx.  $30,000-$50,000+

Waipouli Beach Resort

Waipouli Beach Resort situated on Kauai’s east side is a beautiful new oceanfront development.  Located directly across the street from Safeway shopping center in Kapaa, the guests have access to all of the best amenities such as a pool, new work out facility (courtesy of Curtis Law Construction), and an oceanfront restaurant and bar with music nightly.  If that’s not enough, Starbucks, Longs Drug Store, McDonald’s  as well as many retail shops, restaurants and bars are within walking distance.  Many units are for sale.  Ask me about that in addition to the glamorous air conditioning system in this fitness center.