You Get What You Pay For

Rusted within 1 year of installation

Rusted sink faucets and stained sink

Bath tub stains can’t get clean, caulking molds

You get what you pay for. Everyone has heard it a hundred times, but it’s true! If you try to scrimp on the front end, you’ll pay for it in the long run. Sometimes you need to take the quickest, cheapest route, just to get something done and that’s okay. But be prepared to have to replace your material quicker and more often than if you’d invested in the good stuff from the beginning. This also goes for choosing a Contractor.

For example, in my own home, I am always on a budget and I’ve been remodeling my house for 6 years now. Of course I have visited Big Box Stores for a ton of things because they are inexpensive. However, I have NOT been happy with the quality and am looking at having to replace existing fixtures and it’s only been 6 years. When I ask people in the industry why is my stuff rusting and stained and falling apart? They all say the same thing…where did you get it? The Big Box Store? What do you expect? See my pics to view my own experience.

This is not a blog to boycott The Big Box Stores. But it is a blog to help our potential clientele understand why we don’t use their products, or prices, when bidding jobs. A lot of times we have clients who do their own research when they’re looking to build or remodel. And they’re usually a little taken back when they get our bid price and they can’t justify the cost. A handful of times they find a lower bidder and if cost is their only driving force, we lose the job.

Well, using cost as a the only factor in choosing your Contractor is no different. We go for the good stuff! You’ve asked us to bid a job of quality and endurance and great looks! And to be a responsible builder who takes extreme pride in our work, we quite honestly can’t justify using substandard products or labor. This goes for counter tops, cabinets, paint, appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and more.  Not to mention experience and craftsmanship. Our crew has over 40 years of experience. That along with qualified subcontractors and great suppliers make a great team.

Again, we love Big Box Stores for their convenience and cost savings for certain things. But for a quality finished product, let us guide you in the right direction and get you the good stuff. You won’t be disappointed. The service is WAY better, the warranties are better and you support local businesses who struggle to compete with Big Box Stores. You might even walk away with a new friend or two.