We don’t only build custom homes and remodels; we also do a litany of commercial work, big and small.  Our clients range from Grand Hyatt Hotel to Kauai Kailani,  First Hawaiian Bank to St. Michael’s Church, King Auto Center to Kauai Chocolate Company and many more. From building walkways, stairwells and railings to emergency duct work; full exterior facade remodels to drainage remedial work; new metal buildings to ADA bathroom compliance, and everything in between.

We’re happy to Discuss, Design and Build for you.  A small business with a big heart and a long list of completed jobs and happy clients.  Don’t know where to begin?  Begin with us.


Condominium projects, as a whole, continuously need to be maintained and/or upgraded, especially those near the ocean. Condos usually have an AOAO to stay on top of things, a budget, and a financial reserve for improvements and maintenance of common elements.  Individual owners of condo unit(s) where an interior upgrade is called for, can remodel at their own discretion and budget.  Below is a snapshot of the type of work needed at condo projects: a pool and decking remodel, parking lot improvements, lanai handrail and gutter replacement, interior remodels, common area stairwell restoration, etc.  Hover your mouse over the pictures for a brief description.



Hotel jobs create unique situations because of the nature of working around guests in addition to the nature of corporate bureaucracy.  Ultimately the guests’ experience is the hotels number one concern. And secondly, but not less important, the hotel as a corporation has a budget and protocol that need to be addressed. We appreciate our hotel clients and are happy to do all jobs big or small including difficult and/or emergency jobs.


This church was re-built after the hurricane using historic photos only.  It had boulders for foundation blocks originally.  A challenging rebuild to keep the historical look of the exterior with a new interior ceiling that has it’s own personality.  A must see for the architecturally curious.

Spalling Work

Spalling work is internal concrete repair.  When concrete cracks due to the decay of the rebar within; foundations, walls, walkways, lanais, structural beams, etc.  Most of our work is done on condo and hotel projects on the water where a high rate of decay happens due to the salty environment.  In addition, most Kauai condos were built in the 1970’s and the life of the concrete stability is at its end. This work is very tricky because of the structural nature of it and should be done by someone who has experience and will do it right.  Do NOT put lipstick on a pig in these cases!  This is serious work, and can be costly.  But the cost of not taking care of it is much greater.  Public safety is at stake. Hover your mouse over the pictures for a brief description.